Integrity and ease from start to finish.

Our process is simple. From your initial consultation to the finishing touches, we ensure that your experience is smooth and stress-free.

Initial Contact

You complete the new client design and build questionnaire. I review it and reply to you.

If our services meet your needs for the project, we set up an initial consultation meeting.


At our initial consultation meeting, we discuss your project details and budget.

At or soon after our first meeting, I provide a ballpark figure and timeline for your project.

If we agree that Meade Building Company is a fit for your project, we move on to preconstruction.


To begin the preconstruction phase, I prepare a preconstruction contract.

When you sign the contract and send the retainer, I pencil in a spot for your project in my company’s schedule.


Next, we establish the design for construction, specify and select all materials to be used; I use the design and materials to prepare the project budget.

Design can be done in-house or can involve an outside architect or designer.


When the design is set, I prepare and present the detailed budget and scope of work for your project.

Once the budget is agreed upon and we are ready for the active construction phase, I apply for permits as needed and create the construction contract so we can begin the preparation phase.

Construction Preparation

We begin the preparation phase with a review of the construction contract, any accompanying documents, and our initial project schedule.

When we agree on all the terms, you sign the contract and any accompanying documents, and submit your initial deposit.

I then begin the process of setting up the construction site and ordering materials for construction.

Active Construction

When the construction site is prepared and all necessary materials have been delivered, my company begins work onsite.

Throughout this phase, I manage and facilitate the work of all employees and subcontractors.

Weekly Communication

You, your designated project manager, and the design team (if applicable) meet onsite weekly.

I update you on schedule and budget, and send an invoice, every other Friday.

If you request any changes to the work, these change requests must be in writing before work can begin; a Change Order will be prepared.

I create checklists for you and the design team to approve each phase; you sign off on the checklist before construction moves into the next phase.

Final Construction

As we near the end of the construction process, I prepare a final checklist of items needed to finish the project.

When that checklist is complete, we have the final walk-through of the project for you to approve.


When construction is completely finished, I provide you with a home manual, including product maintenance and service specifications.


Six months after the work is finished, I check in with you to make sure you have no issues and to advise you of maintenance needed. I’ll check in every six months until the warranty has ended.